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(31 Jul 2017) (Neelam Badi) – “NASA will run behind the Great American Total Solar Eclipse with Jets!”

(26 Jul 2017) – “Scientists To Chase Solar Eclipse Using NASA Jets”

(27 Jul 2017) – “NASA Scientists Will Chase Solar Eclipse in Jets”

(27 Jul 2017) The Indian Express – “NASA scientists to chase solar eclipse using special research jets”

(27 Jul 2017) India Today – “Chasing a solar eclipse? NASA jets up to take stunning imagery”

(27 Jul 2017) General Knowledge Today – “NASA jets for first time will chase solar eclipse”

(27 Jul 2017) The Ingles Post – “August 21 total solar eclipse, NASA’s WB-57F research jets to be used to get clearest images”

(27 Jul 2017) The Hindu – “NASA jets to chase solar eclipse” [2]

(27 Jul 2017) – “NASA’s WB-57F research jets to chase ‘Total Solar Eclipse'” [NewsDog]

(26 Jul 2017) Economic Times – “Scientists to chase solar eclipse using NASA’s research jets” [2]

(26 Jul 2017) DNA India – “Scientists to chase solar eclipse using NASA jets”

(26 Jul 2017) Times of India – “Scientists to chase solar eclipse using NASA jets”

(26 Jul 2017) Zee News – “Scientists to chase August 21 total solar eclipse using two NASA jets”

(21 Jul 2017) Science Times – “NASA Will Examine Solar Eclipse to Gain More Insight Into The Earth’s Energy System”

(13 Jul 2017) – “NASA scientists to chase the total solar eclipse using WB-57F Jets”

(16 Jul 2017) (Santosh Varughese) – “Astounding Scientific Experiments Planned During Total Solar Eclipse”