Data Access

All data from the mission will be publicly available.

We are currently working on calibrating the data for scientific analysis. We are prioritizing the data obtained during totality, but plan to calibrate all data, including Mercury and our celestial calibration targets.

Calibrated data will be released through this site when ready.


DATA REQUESTS: Currently, only raw data is available.  Because of the large file sizes and significant data volume, data is not available for direct download and is currently only available via snail-mail.  If you provide us with a hard drive, we will load the data onto it and return it to you.  Complete mission data is >5 TB; data from totality only is <1 TB.  Please contact Amir Caspi ( to make arrangements, or use the form below.

    Visible (green band)Infrared (3-5 µm)

    Dyn1 (eastward, leading, later contact)Dyn2 (westward, trailing, first contact)

    Eclipse (18:16:07 - 18:23:44 UT)Mercury (pre-totality)Mercury (post-totality)Calibrations (Sirius, Capella, Procyon, Venus)